Selecting courses and languages

Please click on the respective national flag in order to open the corresponding range of available courses.

Course structure

The lectures by the instructors will be offered to you in the form of Powerpoint files with associated texts, as well as in the form of audio files. In addition, the script of each lecture will be available to download in PDF format. Furthermore, technical discussions with the instructors and participants will be possible in English.

The eLearning system also saves all of your visits, including your learning progress, so that next time you return you can immediately have a complete overview of the content you still have to work through, and the parts on which you still have to answer multiple choice questions. You also have the option of making personal notes on each slide.

Course recognition

All eLearning courses offered by Myvetlearn.com are recognised by the Akademie für Tierärztliche Fortbildung (ATF, Academy for Veterinary Further Eduction, Germany) as further education courses at the corresponding level for the duration of the course. You will need to find out for yourself from the respective bodies whether our courses are also recognised by foreign national veterinary associations or the appropriate authorities.

Participation conditions

Our courses are open exclusively to veterinarians, meaning that when you register, you must also provide us with unequivocal evidence that you are a veterinarian. The participation fees are specified and must be paid in euros. The participation fees do not include value-added tax, as the ATF is registered in Germany and is not subject to value-added tax.

Registration & payment

Registration for the individual eLearning courses can be done online or by mail (letter/fax).

In order to register online, you will have to set up a profile once, specifying the email address which you later wish to use to log into the course. You then go to the corresponding course you wish to book, and follow the instructions. After payment has been received, your account will be activated and you will be sent the password.

The course fees can either be paid by direct debit or by direct transfer.