Feeding herbivores in zoos

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The ATF and the Vetion.de EAZWV start an e-learning cooperation. The first course deals with the feeding of herbivores in zoos and is held by Prof. Dr. Marcus Clauss. It begins by outlining the difference between herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. Special diets for different animal species are presented in order to identify the most important points is to pay attention to. In addition, a special chapter is devoted to the feeding of ruminants.

Teaching and learning contents are provided in a closed area of www.myvetlearn.com. Participants will receive their login data after registration and receipt of payment.

IMPORTANT: EAZVV members will need to register and login via the closed area of the EAZWV website or www.eazwv.org to benefit from reduced EAZWV fees.

From the first login, the participants have six weeks to work themselves through the course and to answer the multiple choice questions. During this time questions can be asked to the speaker in English. Exchange of views with other participants is possible in the chat room.

After passing the multiple choice test your certificate of attendance including ATF credits will be automatically issued and allocated permanently in your personal area.

Course material and communication minutes will be provided as pdf file at the end of the course. This enables you to do further studies in a time flexible and cost saving manner.

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Marcus Clauss, Zürich (CH)


  • Feeding herbivores in zoos
  • Feeding ruminants
ATF-Credits: 2 hours

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Feeding herbivores in zoos

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