Practical haematology in Birds

Course period: 15.04.2013 - 30.12.2019

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First course - Practical Avian Haematology
Languages: English, Spanish, and Russian
Opening April 23rd 2013
Over the last decade, pet bird patients have developed to an important part of the clientele of veterinary surgeries worldwide. There is an increased demand for online education programs in the exotic avian medical field.

To meet these demands Myvetlearn.com and the European Committee of Association of Avian Veterinarians (EAAV) has developed a multilingual e-learning program to support you as a practitioner to refresh and broaden your knowledge in exotic avian medicine.

The series will start with Practical Avian Hematology presented in English, Spanish and Russian. The course is designed both for beginners and advanced practitioners. It focusses on manual techniques to provide tools and information for the setup of an indoor haematology in veterinary practice. Special emphasis is laid on the evaluation of cell morphology, as this by experience is the most difficult part of a complete blood cell count in avian patients. Beginners may focus on the to recognition of the physiologic and pathologic characteristics of avian blood cells. Advanced practitioners are invited to self-assess their knowledge on a collection of descriptive cases from practice. Apart from general information on avian haematology, the interpretation of an avian haemogram, its value and limitations are addressed.

Teaching and learning contents are provided in a closed area of www.myvetlearn.com. Participants will receive their login data after registration and receipt of payment.

IMPORTANT: EAAV members will need to register and login via the closed area of the EAAV website www.eaavonline.org to benefit from reduced EAAV fees.

From the first login, the participants have six weeks to work themselves through the course and to answer the multiple choice questions. During this time questions can be asked to the speaker in English. Exchange of views with other participants is possible in the chat room.

After passing the multiple choice test your certificate of attendance including ATF credits will be automatically issued and allocated permanently in your personal area. Successful conclusion of five e-learning courses of this series (10 ATF points) will be credited with an EAAV certificate for advanced studies in avian exotic medicine.

Course material and communication minutes will be provided as pdf file at the end of the course. This enables you to do further studies in a time flexible and cost saving manner.

Speaker: Dr. Helene Pendl, Steinhausen (CH)

Practical Avian Hematology including practical case reports

ATF-Credits: 2 hours

Practical haematology in Birds

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